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At Life & Style we strive to provide our clients a journey without limits by exceeding their expectations each day. Our clients are inspired to travel the world by a newfound freedom they find here at L&S. "It's about redefining one's lifestyle in terms of where our clients stay, how they get there, and the countless memories they create along the way."

Whether you're in search for a luxurious villa with peaceful surroundings in the lush green countryside of Italy, a private yacht backed by the beautiful sandy beaches of St. Martin, or a wine tasting in tranquil villages of France, Life & Style will go above and beyond to offer you a unique and unforgettable experience.

Dathan D'Agostino - CEO of Life and Style Villas International


Life & Style is a unique and experienced villa rental, property management, concierge and travel company that offers a wide array of products, services, and packages to insure their clients have a one-stop location for all their travel & travel related needs.

Life & Style is a premier provider of luxury villa rentals and apartments. Furthermore, we offer yacht and jet charters, exotic private island rentals, hotels, resorts, and cruises to extend the options available to our clients. L&S has helped travelers find their perfect vacation destinations since its modest beginning in 2005.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a quality product, excellent service, and great value. Life & Style represents properties in over 45 destinations including the Caribbean, Mexico, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany, Africa, Japan, and the United States.

Our extensive concierge department offers chauffeurs, maids, butlers, nannies, laundry pickup, and even personal assistants for those travelers who take their work along with them.

We have properties for just about every occasion including weddings, romantic getaways, spa retreats, corporate outings, family reunions, and more. Wherever their getaways take them, L&S will provide them with the perfect destination and will take care of all their accommodation, and special requests.

Culture is embedded in the history, fabric, music, and community of Life & Style. Our founder and the entire L&S team have been committed for many years to offering services and products synonymous with quality.

Our calling is to enhance and further international understanding of the world's treasures and its people, to create and support sustainable ways of traveling in harmony with the environment, with local people, and between communities. Our focus is on the communities amongst whom we operate. Through education, increasing awareness of the direct benefits generated by truly understanding our clients, we aim to create long-term sustainability and global prosperity in our industry.

With over 10 years of experience matching travelers to the perfect home-away-from-home, our professionals have an intimate knowledge of not only the destination, but also the properties, services, and products themselves. They help clients select what's right for them and will make sure all details are set for their arrival.

At L&S, we'll never give up to Suit our clients with their Must haves to Create a Dream experience for you and your loved ones. Remember, satisfaction is

our top priority, and we promise that we will provide value and service, allowing you to relax and enjoy your Life & Style. 

This is the Life & Style Experience

Dathan D'Agostino always dreamt of creating a company; however he never knew that he would create a lifestyle the world would experience! He has worked in journalism, real estate and the travel field in some form or another for many years, traveling, travel writing, wining & dining clients all while networking his way around the globe. By doing that, it taught him what it takes to succeed in this business - an understanding of people, cultures, and strong professional relationships. He grew tired of working for others who seemed to be shortsighted in where they wanted to take their business; he wanted to grow more, so he put his Masters Degree in International Business to good use and founded Life & Style International in 2005. Though the beginnings were very modest, offering only properties in Italy from his garage, his dream was to create a one-stop resource where real estate meets luxury villa rentals meets speciality travel, well organized under one roof. Now, representing over 45 destinations worldwide from 3 offices in 3 countries, that dream is more alive and larger than ever. To sum up everything, he’s a relentless overachiever, and can prepare a thirty-minute meal in just under ten-minutes.

Julia Wolters is an entrepreneur-philanthropist-coffee drinker-mom-whatever else who started calling herself "Super Businesswoman" when she hit her fourth hyphen. With a degree in Marketing, she spent many years working as a Marketing Assistant for a corporate transportation company in Rome, Italy, writing commercials for the German market and in the evenings acting them out for her husband and friends. By coming on-board with Life & Style in 2009 she made a conscious decision to use her powers for good and not evil by matching up hard-working people with an apartment or villa they've only dreamt about to uncover their unique lifestyle and get them out traveling the world and living life. Sometimes she can be seen walking through the office wearing red and blue spandex however, once she dons that cape after finishing up a conference call, please just ignore her. It’s just her changing into her “Super” counterpart.

Martha Vignati is a professional, witty, funny (without trying to be), hard-working, world traveler. Who feels excited to begin her day on Monday mornings, sad when she watches the news, and happy to assist clients. Who needs client interaction, books, and recipes. Who goes above and beyond for clients, smiles when she meets them, and gives letters to friends. Who fears war, hunger, and bad hair days. Who loves visiting the pyramids in Egypt, problem solving, and to read on the beaches of Hawaii. Martha Vignati is a wonderful new addition to the Life & Style team. She oversees the financial aspects of the company, making sure that every cent is accounted for. When she's not being the tough finance shark she is, she can be found relaxing somewhere eating coconut, drinking coconut water, and applying her coconut lip balm, all while dancing around a coconut inspired chair and signing at the top of her lungs. We at Life & Style love her, but we're sick and tired of hearing her sing, "If you like piña colada's, getting caught in the rain...”