Experience the Best of St. Martin

You’ve been on autopilot since January’s New Year’s resolutions and it’s been a great start to the year, but enthusiasm is starting to wane and you’re looking for an inspirational outlet. One of the Caribbean’s finest creative jewels is St. Martin. Book a luxury villa for the best accommodations available and catch a flight before you hit your motivational wall.

Why visit Carribeans islands ?

The biggest reason to visit any Caribbean island is the warm weather and exotic white sand beaches where you can lounge, swim and play all day. St. Barth's Beach Night All the necessary elements are there; sun, ocean, bars, restaurants, and choices for privacy or crowds of fun. From Sunset Beach at the end of the runway at Princess Juliana International Airport to a private snorkel location in Happy Bay, you pick the ideal experience.

Once you’ve absorbed your quota of Vitamin D, you’ll want to find all the action. There is plenty of activities choose from all year long. Starting on the first of May, the Generali Golf Tour has a French Gold Federation competition at Temenos, a course designed by Greg Norman in nearby Anguilla. Hop a ferryboat and head on over.

Add Ons

How about The Sea FestivalSt. Barth's Beach Night This is two days of entertainment activities on land as well as in the water.Learn about marine life in St. Martin from the professionals and try sailing, diving, kite surfing, paddle boarding and more at Grande Case beach on the last weekend in May. June is the month for the largest Caribbean fishing contest, the Billfish Tournament, with boats on the ocean as far as the eye can see.


Celebration Time

July 14th is a French national holiday and a Marigot celebration day on the waterfront with sports, traditional and cultural events including music and fireworks. Various entertainment is provided for the holiday festivities through the 21st around the island, ending with a day of sports, games, and musical entertainment as well as small boat races from Grand Case Bay to Anguilla.St. Barth's Beach NightDon’t forget National Music Celebration Day. Several areas of the island have public entertainment beginning at 6pm on June 21st. From Orient Bay and Grande Case to Sandy Ground and Concordia, you’ll be exposed to musical sights and sounds. A famous Steel Pan Concert featuring a local group called the Gunslingers also plays in June at Port de Plaisance.

Mark the first Monday of the month of August for the biggest “Beach Party” of the Caribbean including many first class international artists, traditional boat races, and cuisine from seafood to local barbecued meats.

There is so much more to see and do. Travel is a great way to refresh yourself and begin again. Don’t forget to book that luxury vacation villa. The very best are available on St. Martin just for you!

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Visit the Intoxicating Island of Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautifully unique destination with intoxicating culture and cuisine that can be truly appreciated. From music, weather, food and drink, unrivaled landscapes and views, to doing absolutely nothing, this place begs you to have fun “Jamaican style”.
One way to ensure the very best experience is by staying in a luxury villa that takes care of details for you and has amenities that suit your every need.The gray skies and dregs of winter can’t be far enough away for most of us and Jamaica provides the escape to 80 degrees, blue skies, and green leaves. The relief of the sunshine, warmth, and cool breezes on your body is like no other.

Local Touch

The food and drink are cleverly inspired by the island’s fresh caught seafood and indigenous fruits and vegetables whether you are fine-dining or looking for local fare. Pier One on the waterfront in Montego Bay has an experience that includes beautiful views, spectacular cuisine, open-air bars, and live entertainment until 4am. The decision to go early or stay late might be a big one, so book your stay in your Jamaican villa long enough to do both. More delicious food destinations are Scotchie’s and Mom’s in Ocho Rios for authentic fare.

Bob Marley Jamaica

Reggae music alone is a wonderful reason to visit Jamaica, the birthplace of Bob Marley. Live entertainment throughout the island is infused with the history of old and new talent; traditional steel pan to fresh new sounds on the Reggae scene as well as other genres. Go out and sample the ambiance that inspired it like the lush mountains, sandy white beaches and turquoise water. Even a car ride is an excursion to drink in the beautiful vistas and atmosphere; smell the ocean and feel the vibes.

To Do List
Jamaica appreciates and cares for its environment and it shows. Take a tour to Bumpkin River Farm and the Trelawny forests where a charming plantation begins the picturesque path of history and excitement, offering river tubing, kayaking, and biking. Cut fresh sugar cane to eat, see the black castor oil trees, mango trees, and other indigenous plants. Lounge on the river banks and have your legs massaged with the purifying properties of clay from the river bed.

Jamaican Specials

Certain Jamaica specialties are produced on the island. Try a scavenger hunt for Walkerswood jerk sauce, Golden Krust jerk sauce, Blue Mountain coffee, Appleton Rum, Benjamin’s Vanilla and Tops Jamaican Herbal Tea.

Jamaica Beach Take these back to your vacation villa and try them out on friends and family while lounging by the private pool with plates of jerk chicken and frozen rum drinks. Make coffee and tea in the morning and sip it from your intimate balcony while enjoying the sunrise and intoxicating view of the sandy beach and miles of ocean waves.
Find your luxury vacation villa now and feel the excitement start to build. Refresh your attitude and return wearing a Jamaican tan and a smile.

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Shades Of Crystal Blue Surround Barbados

A panoramic ocean vista with miles of azure waters lapping at white sand is the scene from your private island villa at the coast of Barbados. Bathsheba Beach: BarbadosThe ocean breeze ripples through your hair and the smell of salt in the fresh sea air inspires the first margarita of the day. The cell phone is off because the most important people in your life are with you to enjoy some mutual relaxation and celebration.

When it comes to perfect island vacations, Barbados has it figured out. Peak season ends in April and seasoned travelers recommend July through November for perfect weather without the crowds and lively summer and fall festivals.

Island Life

Barbados is a popular stop for cruise ships on the way to eastern or southern Caribbean destinations. Duty-free shopping can be found near the Cruise ships at the Bridgetown pier. Mt. Gay Rum: BarbadosBe sure to look for the famous homegrown Mount Gay Rum. This town is the capital of the island and where you’ll also find several tourist attractions including religious sites to tour during the day. At night, restaurants, bars, and hotels, provide a strip of calypso, live jazz and steel pan music to enjoy with a surprisingly big city vibe.

A little further north to Holetown in St. James parish is where most of the island’s luxury restaurants and hotels can be found on First and Second Streets at the beachfront. Nearby Speightstown is where historic buildings of early settlements of Barbados sit side by side the modern buildings, the sidewalk vendors offer ripe fruits and vegetables, fishermen unload fresh-caught seafood along the pier, and visitors weave in and out of modern shops and restaurants.

Natural Wonders

St. Thomas parish is where the island’s natural attractions are like Harrison’s Cave while St. Lucy’s parish, Little Bay: Barbadosis where to go for stunning coastal cliffs and private ocean inlets, such as Cove Bay, Little Bay, and River Bay. These bays are unique picnic spots and take a little hiking to find, but the potential for unbelievable photos of your adventures including natural pools and blow holes will make it well worth the trip.

Barbados beaches were meant for tanning, swimming, and all types of watersports. Serene waters of the west and southeast coasts are the best swimming areas and Bathsheba Beach along the east coast is famous for the crashing waves ideal for surfers. Don’t forget your private pool back at your Barbados villa either.

Caribbean Countryside

The island’s versatility allows you to go from St. Andrew’s parish and its mock Scottish countryside, to St. Joseph’s parish for pristine white sand beaches and mineral-rich pools, and then view the sugar cane fields and plantation houses in the parish of St. George.

Ultimately, this island’s blue vista’s, local charm, dynamic nightlife, and incredible Caribbean flavors will keep you intrigued at every turn. You private luxury villa, tastefully appointed and offering unrivaled amenities will be your respite. Search for the perfect vacation villa now and the details will fall right into place.

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A St. Barth’s Island Spree is Best

Prepare yourself for an island experience only found in one place. St. Barth’s is both relaxing and elegant with luxury villa accommodations St. Barth's Beach Nightinviting you to an unbelievable paradise. Choose to ‘chill’ in your intimate space with tastefully decorated surroundings, gracious amenities, and impeccable service as often as you like between visits to fine, white sand beaches, bountiful shopping areas, and various pleasurable activities on and off the water.

Beach Hopping and Picnicking

St. Barth’s is where chic clientele from affluent families and celebrities choose to spend their time and why you will desire to visit this posh island. Continue reading

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Honeymoon in a St. Martin Beachside Villa

Only a private villa nestled in a Caribbean paradise can satisfy your need to create the flawless wedding day or celebrate the brilliant event. St. Martin BeachSpend your evenings in an intimate paradise while spoiled by the most luxurious comforts and amenities, and concierge service attending to your every need. Nap in a lounge chair beside your own private pool or hot tub, take in the majestic view of miles of white sand beaches from the balcony or make plans for a series of both peaceful and engaging activities that spark your interests.

Beach Activities

You will need your camera handy as the island inspires your sense of wonder and creative side to document this one-of-a-kind getaway. Get ready to choose from over 30 beaches one of the best sun-drenched beaches and soak up some rays. Continue reading

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Jamaica’s Best Secrets

Port RoyallAre you and warm-weather adventurer? Look no further than the island of Jamaica for exploration of history, sites, and sounds. The home of the original pirates of the Caribbean beckons with miles of white sand beaches and luxury villas overlooking the pristine landscape that meets the rolling waves of the ocean.

Pirates and Privateers

Port Royal was the 17th centuries home of debauchery for buccaneers and pirates looking for bars and brothels. It also headquartered the Royal Navy and a commercial center for trading slaves, sugar, and logwood. Continue reading

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Barbados is Pure Pleasure

This island is packed with activities, one of which is simply to relax. If you want a place to mix it up a little, this is a great choice for your destination, but make sure to find the perfect Barbados: Bottom Bayluxury villa when you are ready to rest and regroup. Several golf courses, historic architecture, and glorious beaches are good places to start your adventures, but sporting events, shopping, and nightlife will keep the momentum going.

Distinctive Beaches

The west coast of the island is the best for sunbathing and swimming, from Brighton Beach to Bottom Bay. The east and south are best for surfing, such as Sandy Beach and Bathsheba, known for its annual International Reef Surfing Competition called the Soup Bowl. Choose your beach location based on your water sport including windsurfing, scuba diving, or sipping frozen rum drinks on the sand. Continue reading

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Caribbean Splendor Alive in St. Barthelemy

A long week is coming to a close and your mind is drifting to last year’s vacation. Has it been that long already? St Barthelemy: BeachIt’s time to refuel your zest for life with a little tropical ambiance. This time, the destination will be St. Barthelemy, a Caribbean island where cultural authenticity meets opulence in a luxury villa.

Flying in over St. Jean beach, the anticipation of a fabulous week ahead overwhelms you. When you reach the villa, you skip unpacking and go straight to popping the cork on the champagne bottle waiting for you and head to the balcony for the view of the harbor. The picturesque vista encompasses blue skies, sparkling sun on the ocean, a white sandy beachfront, and magnificent yachts. Continue reading

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Caribbean Island Getaway in St. Martin

At this time of year, we rarely need an excuse to schedule a cruise or fly to a warmer destination. The need to recapture the feel of summer sun on our skin has us daydreaming of the islands. St. Martin: SunsetSt Martin is the perfect place to visit and a great destination for an island wedding or honeymoon complete with your own private luxury villa. What better way to visit than staying in a romantic place with indulgences like private pools and balconies, full concierge service, and above all, fantastic views of bougainvillea on the hillside, sparkling ocean waves and striking sunsets.

Island Romance

The beautiful accommodations might tempt you to stay inside, but then you would miss the morning walk on the beach, the couples’ massage at one of the many trendy island spas, and the champagne sunset sail on a magnificent catamaran. Stroll back to your St. Martin villa after a wonderful day and relish your time alone by moonlight. Continue reading

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Your Vacation Villa in Barbados Awaits

Your vacation days are valuable and should be spent visiting a place that has warmth, indulgence, sophistication, and history. Barbados has it all including friendly Bajan hospitality that comes from a long-standing British tradition. Barbados: BeachLuxury villas are by far the best place to nourish your need to be pampered. Amazing amenities are surprisingly inexpensive while enhancing the entire experience.

You Have Arrived

Barbados has an abundance of things to do including golfing at Championship courses, a variety of dining options from street-fare to first-class, land and water sports, sightseeing, and nightlife. Of course, the biggest reason to travel to this Caribbean Island is the pristine beaches dotted with coconut palms and the sound of the waves lapping at the sand. Plant yourself in a comfortable lounge chair, feel the sun on your skin, and enjoy the incredible view. You will likely have a similar view from the balcony of your vacation villa, but the effect it has expands when your feet feel the surf. Continue reading

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Barbados…A Simply Charming Paradise

If you listen closely, you can hear the Caribbean wind whisper through the palms, beckoning you to start your year with an invigorating gift. Barbados: BeachDiscover the warm Caribbean sun in a luxury villa in Barbados complete with lavish gardens, pools, and spas. Sandy beaches stretch out endlessly and the ocean breeze relaxes your mood and senses.

Imagine waking to the sound of the waves and romantic views from the balcony of one of the best villas available on the island. The beachfront view is a spectacular stretch of sand and waves. You are about to embark on a perfect day, and with so many activities to choose from, your only big decision is where to start. Will it be lying on the beach in the cool shade of a palm tree with toes in the sand, exploring the shopping, sporting activities, or tours? Continue reading

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St. Martin’s Dual Personality

If a lively distraction from reality is what you are searching for this winter season, take a look at St. Martin’s best villas for an opportunity to double your fun. A third of the Island is Dutch (Sint Maarten) while the rest is French owned St. Martin: Maho Beach(Saint Martin) and each has its own exceptional flair. The extraordinary experience begins as soon as you arrive at the International Airport in Philipsburg. A famous beach bar at the end of the runway called the Sunset Bar and Grill allows an amazingly close up view of jets taking off and landing. Grab a drink to unwind from the trip, and take your time checking into your luxury St. Martin villa.

You Have Arrived

Once you reach your rental villa, prepare for elaborate décor and amenities. Only the finest comforts are available in the Lowlands and Orient Beach areas on the west side of the island. The accommodations are lavish and the activities are decadent. Grab your camera and get ready for action at Orient Beach. Continue reading

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Retreat to the Villas of St. Martin

The end of the year is near and you’ve worked hard to get here. It’s time to celebrate, and what better way than escaping from gloomy winter weather than St: Martin: Simpson Baytreating yourself to a stay in the vibrant island of St. Martin. The distinctive feel of St. Martin is a collaboration of two cultures. The French and the Dutch have created a unique vibe set in indulgent white sands and the sapphire blue water of the Caribbean. Spectacular scenic views, incredible local cuisine, and spontaneous nightlife create a paradise that encourages you to recapture a sense of well-being by enjoying your favorite activities in luxury and style. Continue reading

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St. Barts Escape

Welcome the possibilities of a brand new year by giving yourself a worthy start. Reserving a luxury villa in the hillside of St. Bart’s Island invites the year to begin with the rejuvenation that only a Caribbean setting can provide. St. Barts: Governeur BeachExplore a world with winding roads that lead to yacht filled bays and warm, sandy beaches.

Set the Pace

If tranquil comfort is what you seek after the holidays, St. Bart’s private villas create a spacious haven for any traveler or vacationing group and its amenities are unrivaled. The island is essentially cut off from the tourism crowd with no room for resorts and no ports for cruise ships. As you survey the sparkling blue ocean from your intimate terrace, the stunning view will motivate you to explore unspoiled paradise. Continue reading

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Jamaica: ‘Irie’ Vibes and Dynamic Culture

You’ve survived another holiday season and now you deserve to relax in style at a lush, mountainous Caribbean island with average temperatures of 80 degrees. Jamaica: Montego BayJamaica is best experienced in a luxury villa where you can create your own idea of the perfect vacation. The amenities of these cozy environments include tranquil pools and soothing hot tubs. Enjoy them while overlooking the gorgeous views of either iridescent ocean waves and stunning beaches, or immaculate golf courses.

Relax Your Mind

There is plenty to do depending on your notion of excitement or escape. If quiet romance in a beachfront villa is what you long for, Ocho Rios contains the incredible beauty of waterfalls and rivers. The setting includes unique caves, picturesque gardens, and soft white sandy beaches. Continue reading

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Vacation Defined on the Island of St. Barts

I can’t think of a better time to be traveling than ‘right now’. The holidays are coming, the weather is getting colder, and the warmth of sparkling sand on a sunny beach is calling. With so many beach destinations to choose from, a helpful suggestion might be in order. St. Barts: BeachAn island that is sure to intrigue you is St. Bart’s in the French West Indies. It is full of things to see and do, but because it is a paradise that is harder to get to, you can wander in peace and enjoy the scenery even in peak season. This makes it ideal for Christmas and New Year’s vacations.

French Influence

St Bart’s is immersed  in its French culture boasting of phenomenal pastries, good wine, fine dining, and clothing optional beaches. By not allowing cruise ships or resorts to take over these pristine shorelines, ocean views, and specialty shops, they’ve maintained a serene environment and allowed intimate villas to be the main source of comforts as you enjoy your stay. From cozy to luxurious, there is surely a perfect place waiting for you at any one of the 20 beaches on the island. Continue reading

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Which of These Three St. Martin Beaches Will You Fall in Love With?

St Martin BeachesIf you’re of the opinion that one Caribbean beach looks just like another, you’ve obviously been working too many hours and need a beach vacation badly! All beaches have distinct personalities and if you look closely enough, you’ll find that you’re attracted to specific ones because they deliver on the things you require for an idyllic vacation: beauty, amenities, location or the perfect place to indulge in your favorite water sport. We can save you time identifying your nirvana. The following three St. Martin beaches offer diverse experiences—one of which is likely to be perfectly suited to your sensibilities and vacation plans. Continue reading
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Packing for St. Martin? Don’t Start Until You Read These Five Tips!

How to packYou know the drill, right? You dump half your closet and most of your dresser onto the bed and begin selecting the most appropriate outfits for your upcoming vacation trip to St. Martin. You were smart enough to get your passport taken care of early so pre-trip jitters about not having proper credentials to leave the country are non-existent, so why fret about packing? Because it can bring out your biggest insecurities when you prepare to leave home for an unfamiliar place leaving all of your “stuff” behind. What to do? Practice then Zen of packing so you gain confidence and arrive in St. Martin unruffled and calm. These five tips should cover most basics. Continue reading
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The Benefits of Renting a Villa

There’s an affordable villa rental in your future next time you visit St. Martin, St. Barts or one of our other Caribbean villa destinations. Is there a traveler alive who would be happy saying, “Please take me to my hotel” when she could be asking instead, “Would you please take me to my villa?” Of course not. And it’s easy to understand why. There’s a panache, exclusivity and aura surrounding the word villa and it may surprise you to learn that you don’t have to settle for a hotel next time you visit St. Martin or St. Barts when a villa is so much more comfortable. Continue reading
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How to Unplug and Unwind on Your Vacation

Unplug and Relax on VacationIn today’s high tech world we have become completely dependent on our new Apple Watch, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, MacBook, iPad and of course anything that ends with “air”, “pod” or “berry”. Although these modern day inventions have allowed us to stay connected to the world in ways we had never imagined possible, it can become too much. We carry our work load with us everywhere we go. This adds to our day to day stress. Sometimes it is important to simply get away from it all, but how can you achieve such a thing? A good first step is to reserve a luxury vacation rental where you can unplug and relax. Once on vacation, use the following tips to help you disconnect so that you are able to reconnect with your loved ones and friends.

Continue reading

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Ten Things You Should NOT Do in Italy

Colosseum in Italy - Dathan D'Agostino - CEO and Craig Stephenson -  Products of Life and StyleAre you tired of reading travel articles that presume to tell you what to do in Italy? At Life and Style, we’ve got better advice because we know Italy firsthand, and with this knowledge (and the arrival of warm weather), we’ve compiled a list of mistakes we see even our most cultured clients make that would have turned a good trip into a great one, had they known more about protocols, cultural differences and their own expectations. Abide by these ten rules and prepare to have the time of your life in a country that’s both timeless and ageless.

Continue reading

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How to Get the Most out of Your Villa Rental

Luxury Villa Rentals by Life and Style VillasAre you one of the lucky ones who will be staying in a villa rental soon? If so, be sure to take complete advantage of your grand experience. Are you aware that LifeAndStyleVillas.com has a team of knowledgeable villa specialists and concierge who will attend to all of your vacation details. Together, they are committed to making your getaway stay exceptional. Their jobs are to make certain you have all the extra necessities you need as well to providing individual services, and arranging ventures that are specific to your interests.

Continue reading

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A Delightful Catch-22: St. Martin or St. Barts

St. Martin or St. BartsOne of the more common questions that the villa specialists at LifeAndStyleVillas.com receive is whether they should make their travel plans to the island of St. Martin or St. Barts. Both of these gorgeous Caribbean islands provide travelers with amazing vacation experiences and incredible natural beauty. While there are some fabulous similarities between these two popular Caribbean villa destinations, there are also a few important differences that may make one a more desirable travel spot for you than the other. With a closer look, you can choose the perfect destination for your upcoming Caribbean vacation.

Continue reading

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Destination Wedding in St. Martin/St. Maarten – A Wedding in Paradise

Destination Weddings in St Martin - A Luxury Villa Rental DestinationThe happiest day of your life deserves nothing less than an unforgettable backdrop of paradise nestled in the Caribbean. With dual cultures of French and Dutch, history and culture await you as you embark on your new lifelong journey together. As one of the foremost sought after wedding destinations worldwide, St. Martin/St. Maarten offers couples an experience they will never forget.

Continue reading

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Travel Photography: Tips for Taking Amazing Photos

Photography Tips for Travel PhotosIf you’re looking for the perfect location to take incredible photographs, the Caribbean islands are ideal. Here you will find pristine beaches, clear water, charming architecture and incomparable sunrises and sunsets. You could not ask for a more photogenic setting. When you travel to one of the many beautiful Caribbean islands, you will certainly want to capture your experiences with photographs. Yet it can be challenging to take photos that really do justice to what you’ve seen. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert photographer to learn how to take photographs you’ll want to share with your friends, family and co-workers. The following tips will help you take amazing travel photos that you’ll be proud to share.

Continue reading

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The Benefits of Renting A Villa

benefits_of_villa_rentals_in_st_martinIf you are planning a vacation to the stunning Caribbean Islands of St. Barts or St. Martin, booking a villa instead of a hotel for your stay could take your trip from great to extraordinary. Staying in a villa will allow you to truly relax and experience the best parts of island life from the amazing views, to islands shops, restaurants as well as the fabulous beaches.

Continue reading

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One Island With Two Personalities: St. Martin and St. Maarten

st_martin_and_sint_maartenFor more than 300 years, one island in northeast Caribbean waters located east of Puerto Rico known as St-Martin / St Maarten, or SXM, has had two distinctive cultural zones that are so unique for the region that they draw crowds of visitors from around the world every year.

Continue reading

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How To Get Around St. Martin / Sint Maarten

rent_a_car_in_st_martin_caribbeanAs a St. Martin villa rental company, Life and Style Villas understands that there is much to enjoy on this beautiful Caribbean Island. Moving around the island is essential for a complete St. Martin experience.

There is one main road that circles St. Martin/Sint Maarten. From this road there are numerous little roads that lead into the interior of the island which is where you will find the small towns and residential areas.

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Upcoming Events in St. Martin: Spring 2015

From luxury villa rentals to the amazing combination of culture, history, and food, the Caribbean Island of St. Martin offers an overwhelming experience. Beginning with the Arawak Indians, the island’s history dates back thousands of years ago. Not only is its history rich in appeal, its popularity has grown to the north. In addition, St. Martin is known as “The Land of Salt.”

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Olive Picking

Olive Picking in ItalyAt Villa La Locanda, luxury villa rental in Italy, visitors are encouraged to pick their own olives for making olive oil. The result is an organic extra virgin product that has numerous health benefits. What other vacation possibilities involve harvesting like an Ancient Italian picker and enjoying a beautiful location? Get all of this and some olive oil to take home from the Roman Countryside.

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The Perfect Italian Culinary and Vacation Villa Rental Experience

Luxury Villa in ItalyA visit to Italy is the ultimate culinary vacation for food lovers. When the delights of the old world traditions pair with the finest in accommodations, the result is Villa La Locanda, the perfect place to experience Italy.

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Grape Harvest in Italy

Grape Harvest in ItalyThere are many reasons to visit Italy, but if you are looking for a reason, then the annual wine harvest is an excellent reason to visit. The beginning of fall is the most exceptional time to visit Italy because the countryside comes alive with feasts, celebrations, and festivals. This year’s Vendemmia will take place tomorrow, September 28th which is technically a bit early this year, in my

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Puerto Rico – 5 Reasons You Should Visit Now

Visit Puerto RicoPuerto Rico is a fun-loving and vibrant place. This country, set between the Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic, is our latest addition in the Caribbean. The American dollar is the official currency where they speak both Spanish and English. American guests require no passports to travel to this all-star island.

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Travel Myths Proven Wrong

Travel MythsWhen you are ready to enjoy the villa rental vacation of a lifetime, you should consider making plans to visit the gorgeous Caribbean. Untold numbers of people flock to the Caribbean to vacation every year, but there are still myths that persist about the area. Fortunately, the real truth is known.

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Eat Like a Local in Rome

Restaurants in ItalyOrdinary food can easily be over-priced in Rome, a city full of many tourists and restaurants targeting tourists. This could be quite disappointing considering the numerous family-owned businesses, access to fresh ingredients near the city, and the fact that Rome boasts of many quality, but affordable places to drink and dine. A trick to avoid over-priced food is to learn where the locals go to eat. Below are 10 ways to eat reasonably in Rome.

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Why Book a Luxury Vacation Rental in Italy

Apartment Rentals in ItalyAn Italian vacation can be one of the most enchanting holidays you have ever enjoyed. Italy offers so many different types of destinations, that it is hard to select the perfect place for your vacation. There are areas that could be considered a part of paradise, vast countryside filled with vineyards and olive trees, rolling hills and crystal blue waters to swim in. Italian beaches are beautiful and clean, and the cities are all charming in their own distinct ways.

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Which Island of the Caribbean is Right For You?

Luxury Villas Rentals in the CaribbeanThe Caribbean is full of warm, beautiful islands with beaches, nightlife and other attractions. For many people, the real challenge is deciding which island to visit. Each Caribbean island has its own unique history, culture and atmosphere. The one you prefer will depend on your tastes, budget and preferences. Let’s look at a few of the most popular Caribbean destinations and what they have to offer different types of travelers.

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Where to Eat in Barbados

Where to eat in BarbadosWhether you’re in the mood for fine dining or local specialties, the restaurant scene in Barbados will not disappoint the food-loving traveler. Many villas include the services of a professional chef, but it’s worth venturing out to each of these three restaurants in order to enjoy some of the most delectable dishes the Caribbean has to offer.

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Villa vs. Hotel

Villa Rental vs HotelMany people automatically think in terms of staying at a hotel when they go on vacation. There are, however, many advantages to choosing a villa instead. The experience of staying at a well equipped villa can be more personalized, convenient and enjoyable than a stay at even the most luxurious hotel. Let’s look at some of the ways villas compare to hotels.

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Private Yoga Classes At Your Luxury Villa Rental

So, you’ve rented the perfect luxury villa rental from Life & Style Villa Rentals and you’ll be away for seven or more nights. While you’re vacationing, you’ll want to keep up with your favorite exercise routine but can often get pushed aside due to undesirable gyms or ones that you can’t afford. However, if you enjoy doing yoga or Pilates, you may enjoy visiting YogaGlo.

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Hurghada And The Red Sea – Luxury All Inclusive Resort Destination

Along 22 miles of the Red Sea in Egypt, Hurghada is one of the most luxurious travel destinations combining the wonders of the desert and sea. Everyone favors this destination for their vacations, including locals from Cairo, the Delta and Upper Egypt, but those close by are not the only ones who know about it; even Serbs, Italians, Russians, Poles, Czechs and the Germans are purchasing travel packages to this area. Hurghada has come along way in just a few years when it was only known as a small village popular for its fishing industry.

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Choosing Turks and Caicos as Your Luxury Villa Destination

Turks and Caicos is a luxury travel destination full of beautiful beaches, people and landscapes allowing Turks and Caicos to become a premiere spot for vacations. It is only a mere 575 miles off the coast of Miami, making a luxury summer trip closer than you think. With year-round sunny weather and warmth, there isn’t a bad time to visit this beautiful destination.

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Basic Rules for Travel Packing

Exciting as it may be to travel hundreds or thousands of miles away from home, you need to first attend to the mundane chore of packing for your luxury travel trip. What should you pack? Should you cram everything into one bag or use several suitcases to haul your clothes and other necessities? The answer to these questions and several others depends upon a number of factors.

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Luxury Travel Destination: Cozumel

Luxury Villa Rentals in MexicoThe enchanting tropical island of Cozumel lies in the Caribbean Sea, off the tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Though archaeological artifacts indicate the presence of the ancient Olmec culture, many believe the Mayans were the first people to establish a permanent community around 300 A.D.

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St. Lucia Becoming a Popular Luxury Villa Location

St. Lucia is quickly becoming one of the top vacation destinations of the Caribbean, and for many reasons. Romantic honeymooners, families and adventure-seekers alike can appreciate all that the island has to offer. Tourism is a major portion of St. Lucia’s economy. Life & Style Villas, a luxury villa rental company, offers travelers spectacular villa rentals and luxury vacation rentals.

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Benefits of Chartering a Private Yacht

Dathan D'Agostino on YachtVacations spent on the ocean are usually thought of as involving crowded, noisy cruise ships where the passengers are herded like cattle through a maze of preplanned activities. Privacy on cruise ships is difficult to come by and the passengers are doing everything from eating, dining and recreating to the tune of a preset schedule. Perhaps this type of vacation works well for some, but those who want to have a top-quality experience while vacationing at sea should consider chartering a private yacht for their luxury travel needs.

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Luxury Vacation Rentals – St. Martin

Luxury Villa Rentals in St MartinFast becoming one of the most luxurious and popular vacation destinations, St. Martin is a small island in the Caribbean located approximately 200 miles east of Puerto Rico offering spectacular villa rentals and luxury vacation rentals. Their beaches are a main attraction on the island of Saint Martin. It has 37 beaches total, with hotels holding property on most of them.

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Japan! We’re coming back.

Everyone is aware of the tragic events that plagued Japan this year.  Lives and homes have been lost.  We at Life & Style Villas would like to help the people of Japan try to piece their world back together one trip at a time.  Over the past six months, Japan’s tourism has been declining.  I’m here to tell everyone that Japan is still a safe and wonderful place to visit.  We at Life & Style Villas are in constant contact with our friends and proprietors there and they assure us that it’s safe to travel to the country… and you should!

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Why I Love Villas

When I planned my winter vacation five years back, there was the usual debate with friends deciding where we should go. Finally everybody voted on Puerto Rico, so I began the process of robotically scanning over many websites looking for a luxury villa that would suit our group.  Even though we were looking for a villa, after many hours of surfing the net, I just couldn’t seem to find a website that could offer us the kind of villa that we had in mind.  Frustration began to set in with the lack of choices I found. I then decided to forget the whole villa idea and reserve a hotel, confirming three rooms in a pretty chic place.

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O Sole Mio!

Oh how wonderful Italy can be during the winter months (especially when the sun is shining). It’s known to be very peaceful some say while others tell you not to travel to Italy during the winter months because everything is dead, so I’m here to say that it just isn’t true! Just this weekend, I decided to take a drive down to Pompeii for the day with my mom. I wanted to take some photos and to see for myself and to see just how “dead” Napoli would be in December.

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