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Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean, St. Martin offers a distinct blend of rich culture, historic cities, world-class beaches and lush scenery all around. Located near the heart of the Caribbean Sea, St. Martin is controlled by both the French and the Dutch, adding to its unique flair and appeal. Visitors to St. Martin can enjoy a wealth of shops and restaurants, gorgeous weather and unmatched leisure and recreational opportunities such as fishing, boating, swimming, snorkeling, cruising, water sports, parasailing and so much more. For anyone in search of a memorable vacation in a truly beautiful and unique place, St. Martin is just the place to look.

a villa in St. Martin from Life and Style offers the best value when staying on the island. Villa rentals can be more affordable than pricey hotels and resorts on the island and also offer better amenities. St. Martin villa rentals can be found all throughout the island, often with beachfront access and spectacular views of the enchanting Caribbean Sea. All in all, a luxury villa rental on St. Martin is by far the best way to experience the island’s charming beauty and bevy of attractions without having to pay for an overpriced hotel or resort room.

Martin is home to a vast collection of wondrous sights, breathtaking beaches and fascinating points of interest to explore. The island boasts 37 beaches in total, all of which offer beautiful seaside views and plentiful recreational and leisure options such as swimming, sunbathing and boating. One particularly unique beach is Orient Bay, home to a beautiful undersea marine reserve perfect for snorkeling and diving. Another top spot on St. Martin is the Butterfly Farm, one of the largest and most spectacular butterfly farms in the Caribbean. For some especially memorable views, head up to Pic du Paradis, the island’s highest point. Here, visitors are treated to breathtaking panoramic vistas of the island and the surrounding waters of the Caribbean Sea.

visit to St. Martin is complete without exploring its historic and beautiful cities. Philipsburg, the capital of the Dutch side of the island, offers incredible beaches, rich architecture and excellent shopping opportunities. Marigot, the French capital, boasts incredible scenery and top-notch restaurants and cafes. Another must-see city is the beautiful Grand Case, home to a bevy of galleries, nightlife spots, boutique stores and some of the island’s finest restaurants and bistros.

a truly unforgettable vacation, St. Martin is just the place to go, and Life and Style can help you experience the island in style. To get the best value during your stay, be sure to book your St. Martin luxury villa rental with us. Villa rentals offer superior amenities compared to hotels at just a fraction of the cost. With the luxurious amenities, beachfront access and surprisingly affordable prices, villa rentals on the island are your best option for your vacation on St. Martin.

+1 (518) 507 5433
    St Martin Villa Serena
    Terres-Basses, St Martin, Caribbean
    6 Bedrooms - Occupancy: Up to 12 guests
    $ 1,464.00 - 5,576.62 per night

    St Martin Villa Serena is a charming beachfront villa rental situated within a small gated community in Terres Basses, St. Martin. It features stunning Moorish style architecture with vaulted ceilings, white columns and archways. Due to its slight elevation, this luxury villa rental has a gorgeous view of both the island of Anguilla and Baie Rouge Beach. Serena contains about 7,500 square feet of covered living areas, including a reading room with cozy couches and an entertainment room with a giant flat screen television. In addition, the villa features an interior dining area that opens into a terrace and a new gazebo that overlooks the ocean. Each luxury villa at Serena contains five bedrooms, three of which contain king size beds and private bathrooms. The other two bedrooms contain twin beds and private bathrooms. Each of the bedrooms features French doors, walk-in closets, ceiling fans and air conditioning. The villa has just about every amenity imaginable, including a refrigerator, microwave, stove, washer, and dryer. In addition, guests can take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool or cook out on the barbeque charcoal grill. Serena is just a 10 minutes drive to Marigot and a five minutes drive to a local grocery store. Therefore, guests will have convenient access to everything they need to enjoy a stay at this delightful St. Martin villa.

    St Martin Villa Mumbai
    Cupecoy, St Martin, Caribbean
    6 Bedrooms - Occupancy: Up to 6 guests
    $ 627.08 - 1,952.00 per night

    In your quest to find the perfect St. Martin villa rental, you do not want to settle for anything less than the best. Mumbai is the ideal choice for your next luxury villa stay. The stunning views, luxurious furnishings and refreshing atmosphere are perfect for a vacation to remember.From air-conditioned rooms to views of the majestic water, this perfect hideaway has it all. This three-bedroom villa offers a convenient oasis just a short drive away from places of leisure and entertainment. In fact, it just a short drive from the grocery store and 15 minutes from Marigot.Guests at Mumbai are invited to relax on the sandy Cupecoy beach before coming in for lunch and drinks. Spend the afternoon lounging in the pool, taking in the magnificent view of the ocean just feet steps away. Enjoy napping in one of the three gorgeous bedrooms in the villa before embarking for a wonderful night out on the town. Once again, you can take a dip in the pool before bed, enjoying a drink under the glow of the night sky.Situated in the gated community known as Shore Pointe, Mumbai offers a luxury villa rental you are not soon to forget. This fully-furnished villa offers everything you need for a pleasant vacation.

    St Martin Villa La Vie En Bleu
    Terres-Basses, St Martin, Caribbean
    2 Bedrooms - Occupancy: Up to 4 guests
    $ 1,257.82 - 2,760.86 per night

    The luxurious villa known as La Vie en Bleu is one of St. Martin’s best-kept secrets. With the scenic ocean as your backyard, you’ll be able to savor the finest aspects of island life while enjoying the spoils of a luxury vacation. The property itself is located in the secluded beach area known as Terres-Basses.The villa features two bedrooms that are furnished with convenient amenities. Bedroom 1 opens directly to the living room and features a king-size bed along with an ideal ocean view. Bedroom 2, which consists of a king-size bed, plasma TV and kitchen, can be found on the lower level overlooking a well-kept garden. You can also spend your time relaxing in the spacious living room or cleaning up in one of the large private bathrooms.While staying at La Vie en Bleu, you can enjoy many of the other amenities that are included. The air-conditioned bedrooms and living room offer respite from the tropical heat. Internet access allows you to stay connected online. A CD player, DVD player, refrigerator and microwave are included for additional convenience. You can even wash your clothes in the state-of-the-art washer and dryer combo. The villa’s technologically-advanced security system can help protect you and your belongings. You will also have access to a gym room, hot tub and swimming pool.If you care to explore the surrounding area, you can find plenty of things to do that will surely keep you entertained throughout your visit. St. Martin is particularly known for its bustling outdoor markets, picturesque beaches and exciting cultural events. Other popular places to visit around the island include Seaside Nature Park, Fort Saint-Louis and Paradise Peak. 

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