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Rome is the 3rd most-visited city in Europe, right behind London and Paris, and the 14th most-visited city worldwide. Rome is a World Heritage Site, and for over two thousand years it has grown in grace and grandeur, enticing travelers to come to Rome to savor exquisite cuisine, walk where Michelangelo walked, and make pilgrimages to Vatican City. Whether a person idles away the hours along some of Rome’s beaches, poolside at a sun-drenched villa in the Roman Countryside or tours magnificent museums and the Sistine Chapel in the city center is entirely left up to the individual. The appeal of a trip to Rome, Italy encompasses historical and religious reasons and the everyday desire to exercise everyone's right to travel simply and economically.

hearing of the warmth and glamour of Rome will wish to experience it firsthand. Perhaps the person dreams of a simple existence there, devoid of the monotony of checking in and out of hotels, and the impersonality of such stays. For a few days, a few weeks, or a goodly stretch of months, a holiday rental is the way to go. You can rent an apartment in Rome or even rent a villa outside the bustling city and live as the Romans live amid both the historical attractions of the Eternal City and the up-to-date modernity set in the heart of Italy.

alone means that a person may absorb Rome's culture via guides, yet yearn for family or friends to share impressions with. If groups of family members or friends can free up time for such a happy occasion, the perfect way to enjoy their company and the common taste of Italy is to utilize an apartment rental in order to fulfill long-held dreams. Perhaps fortune favors a large group with opportunities for traveling to Rome, and more than one luxury apartment or villa rental is necessary to accommodate without crowding. Picture the pleasant days spent exploring the great city and returning to a common area to share experiences!

apartments and villas offer the same amenities as do hotels, with the added attraction of privacy. No longer will there be a crowded lobby to traverse while taking the lift up to one's room. Instead, think of opening the front door and stepping directly into a space which seems like a second home. The ease of life will support a Global City traveler's lifestyle, as housecleaning chores are a faraway thought, needing no attention. Superb attention to detail ensures that linens are regularly changed via maid service, and the apartment or villa tidied as the guests see fit. The interior will be spotless and provide a place of repose while planning the next day's excursion.

an apartment or villa in Rome adds another layer of enjoying the environment. Picture the fun of preparing meals in a group of family members or friends, taking advantage of fresh produce and delicious ingredients. The economical measures of renting cannot be overstated, as eating in restaurants is a major expense of any traveler. Preparing some meals at home means that more of the funds set aside for travel can be saved for yet another few days of staying in the beautiful capital of Italy. Find your perfect apartment or villa rental from the listing below and you’ll be on your way to living your “Dolce Vita” soon!

+1 (518) 507 5433
    Rome Countryside Villa La Locanda
    Rome Countryside - S, Rome, Italy
    6 Bedrooms - Occupancy: Up to 22 guests
    $ 1,180.00 - 2,600.00 per night

    The Villa:Just south of Rome, in the center of Ciociaria sits a lovely town where you'll can find Villa La Locanda, an historical residence that is peaceful all hours of the day. This pleasant getaway is the perfect place for some R&R time, complete with mountain and valley views and only a short distance from quaint nearby towns for visiting when you're not creating something in the wonderful home's kitchen.This beautiful Italian villa, a restored farmhouse, has 7 guest rooms that have all been lovingly and artfully decorated in a way that makes each space its own. Using antique furniture and wrought-iron beds adds some high quality class, and everyone can find something that fits their personality.Each bedroom is made comfortable with air conditioning and heating for the various weather conditions; every bathroom, decorated with lovely tiling, comes with a shower or a Jacuzzi tub, as well as hair dryers, a bar for heating towels, and complimentary toiletries for those staying in the rooms. These rooms also have free Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV.The big downstairs dining room is a great place to go to enjoy your meals prepared for you in a nice, homey setting. After dinner, you can take a load off and hang out in the living room, flipping through some of the guide books that are available to help you plan out your stay. You can chat with other guests as you enjoy some complimentary drinks from the stocked refridgerator.But the real masterpiece of the home is the gorgeous Italian kitchen, complete with a wood burning pizza oven, and bustling with people. This room is at the heart of Villa La Locanda, and during your culinary vacation you will be taught some fabulous Italian recipes and secrets by both local and professional chefs and the entire staff. The assistance of an English speaking guide will ensure that your cooking experience will be one to remember forever.The Restaurant:The restaurant on the grounds is a unique dining experience, inspired by the old-world surroundings and the traditional dishes and flavors of the Ciociario region. A beautifully restored stable is the home of this warm and charming restaurant, which also contains a special wine production area.The famous Ciociario cuisine includes such traditional dishes as bruschetta, panzanella, steak and ribollita, but the choices go far beyond these. Each dish will speak to you of the loveliness and richness of the region. With a little warning, we are happy to serve guests who have special dietary needs, such as those with allergies or celiac, or those who prefer vegetarian dining. Each of these delicious dishes pairs well with the wide variety of excellent wines offered to each of our guests. Close to Roma and Naples, the restaurant offers diners an opportunity to experience the taste of the authentic foods as well as the regional wines of its beautiful agricultural surroundings. Discover such classic regional labels as Piglio, Colli Albani, Marino and, of course, Frascati, “the wine of the Popes and the people.” Be guided by the wonderful flavors as you dine, and you will experience the fresh, sweet and smooth elements of each wine, making you a true connoisseur.The restaurant is the perfect setting for an intimate dinner, a family gathering or large group events such as anniversaries, christenings, birthdays or graduations. Guests staying at the adjacent farmhouse villa, Villa La Locanda, are welcome to eat breakfast at the restaurant. These guests are also invited to participate in cooking classes where they will prepare traditional dishes from the restaurant.Your dining experience at Il Ruspante restaurant will be satisfying and unforgettable.The Cooking School:Italian cuisine brings to mind memories of delicious family meals shared together in happiness, comfort and much laughter. Many Italian family recipes are passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. These wonderful, authentic Italian recipes are delectable and enticing. When eating an authentic Italian meal, taking the time to savor the delicious Italian dishes truly underscores the traditional motto of living to eat, instead of eating to live. Our culinary tours and Italian-based cooking classes will teach you how to prepare authentic Italian food, in addition to introducing you to some of the traditional ways of Italian living. We offer you rustic and comfortable accommodations in a beautiful farm house constructed in the 1800's. This traditional farmhouse has been restored beautifully and is surrounded by nearby forests and rolling hills that were traditionally used as farmland and hunting area.Our authentic Italian culinary tours will introduce you to some of the best wine and food available in our region. You have the option of selecting advanced culinary workshops that are comprised of multiple days of instruction and tastings, or you may prefer to enroll in a basic one day introduction to Italian cuisine. Additionally, if you prefer, you can extend your culinary experience to an extended vacation for a week or longer, in order to explore the richness of this region. Our authentic Italian cooking school will introduce you not only to cooking techniques but also to the traditional Italian way of life. Our expert chefs will teach you many of the traditional techniques and tricks of authentic Roman and Ciociario cuisine in a rustic Italian kitchen farmhouse. The slower pace of Italian living will allow you to truly relax and enjoy all of the timeless gifts this region has to offer. The recipes that you will learn to prepare will vary depending on the season and the availability of fresh produce from our farm on a daily basis. Read more about Rome Countryside Villa La Locanda and the Italian Cooking School from our Blog post, The Perfect Italian Culinary and Vacation Villa Rental Experience.

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