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Trips to space

In preparation for your trip, you'll relax in comfort while the ground crew readies the spacecraft for takeoff. The cabin is properly pressurized, and in a mere 15 minutes, you are taking off on your 60 minute flight from the Spaceport. The weather forecast for your destination: sunny, absolutely clear – with visibility like nowhere on earth! Temperatures range from -150 degrees in the shadows, and +160 degrees in the sun. During the past five days, you have been carefully prepared by our flight specialists and coaches for your adventure. Now, you're on your way... just 30 minutes away from the altitude of angels, 65 miles above the earth!

Your route will bring you first to an altitude of nearly 40,000 feet... then the rockets are fired and you're propelled through the clouds to a height of 34 miles – five times higher than an intercontinental passenger's flight. You feel 3.5 G's of force and a level of exhilaration known to few. When the spacecraft reaches the prime height, the rocket boosters switch off and airspeed reaches 2,100 miles per hour, more than three times the speed of sound... and your altitude quickly reaches an amazing 344,500 feet high! You are now in the top phase of the flight curve, and you find yourself floating in six minutes of blissful weightlessness. At this time, the on-board computer will loosen your seat belts, so you can enjoy the view of the earth below. This is the same view experienced by the great space explorers Alan Sheppard and Yuri Gagarin in 1961. Since then, this view has been exclusively available to only a limited number of space exploration specialists – and now it's yours!

This deeply moving experience will provide you with a lifetime of memories and your dreams will soar to new heights! To help you preserve these memories, you can take photos at any time with your own camera. In addition, we have several professionally mounted video cameras installed inside the spacecraft. Our spacecraft is also fitted with the best technology in photography outside which shows you all of the sights around the ship on touch-screens in front of you during the flight. All of the technical data and the flight path are available at your fingertips.

Silently running in Space – the spacecraft reaches the altitude of 65 miles. After you've reached the apex of the flight, the spacecraft is rotated in space so that you can experience both the earthly views and the darkness of space, with its hundreds of points of brilliant light. The moon hovers above the eastern horizon. To the west, you will see the outline of the majestic Rocky Mountains lit by the early-morning sun.

Should any questions arise during your flight, please do not hesitate to ask. Also, your space-flight crew maintains radio contact with your instructors on the ground during the entire flight experience. Again, you're moving earthward and the G-forces are back. The spacecraft moves into a glide-flight pattern until your altitude is down to 30,000 feet where the jet-engines are fired up again, and you head back to the spaceport base.

A new age is upon us, and the history of mankind opens up to include space and the availability of passenger astronautics. Contact Life & Style below to reserve a seat with more Space!

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