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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Life & Style?

Life & Style is your premier provider of luxury apartments and villas, yacht and jet charters, private islands rentals, space travel and so much more. Our professional and experienced staff are committed to catering to all of your needs, while providing you with white glove concierge service. Get to know more about Life & Style by reading our "About L&S" page.

What is included in the property rental?

Unless states otherwise, all nightly and weekly rates include utilities (gas, electricity, hot water), linens, and final cleaning.

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Generally, the check-in time is 2:00 PM (14.00), while check-out is at 10:00 AM (10.00) for most properties.

How does the check-out process work?

Usually, you will arrange a time for checking out with the property check-in agent on arrival. Most check-in agents ask you to leave the property no later than 10:00 AM, while some allow you to leave the keys inside the apartment and close the door behind you.

Do I need to bring towels and/or sheets?

Unless specified, towels and sheets are included in your rental.

How can I narrow down my property search?

All of our destinations we offer are wonderful, different and, very unique. We suggest you to look at a destination that fits your Life & Style best. It all depends on your likes and dislikes. A Life & Style concierge can match your preferences to the perfect destination, not to mention, we'll make sure your property choice will meet or exceed your expectations.

Does my property have air-conditioning?

On every property's details page you will find a list of amenities. If the property is equipped with air-conditioning it will be listed in that list. If it isn't listed then there is no air-conditioning, just as if satellite TV isn't listed then the particular property isn't equipped with satellite TV. Our property owners try to accommodate you if an amenity is urgently needed and not listed.

Are children charged at a discounted rate?

Babies and children under the age of two will not be charged. The nightly rates are partly based on the amount of linen used and utility costs, therefore the age of guests is not a factor.

Travel insurance is checked by default. Do I really need it?

Encountering the unexpected is often a part of travel; ranging from the inconvenient to a truly serious emergency. Life & Style can offer you comprehensive travel protection coupled with extensive 24-hour emergency assistance services to meet the challenges of today's travel and help you enjoy a worry-free trip. If you would like to decline insurance, it's as easy as un-checking the checked box.

Does the “Location Map” on the property’s detail page indicate the exact location of the property itself?

No. The Location Map is just a point of reference to what country, island, city, and/or area/zone/district the property is located in. Due to our Privacy Agreements with our property owners, we do not display the exact address of a property until a reservation for that property is confirmed and finalized. Depending on the situation, a property owner may grant us permission to provide a client with the name of the street the property is located on.

Island/Tropical Destinations: Why is the scent of insecticide present at check-in?

Not all guests enjoy air-conditioning. Instead, many prefer to cool the villa with the natural breeze, thus leaving the windows and door open during their stay. This is the reason many of our tropical properties offer Mosquito nets over the beds. The smell of insecticide may be present during check-in in attempt to rid of any unwanted guests.

How are the “Distance to the Nearest” calculated?

Distances to the Nearest items are to be used as a reference only. They are normally calculated by taking the average speed limit at the destination multiplied by the number of minutes it usually takes to arrive from the property to the destination item thus obtaining the Feet/Miles or Kilometers/Meters. These are approximate distances only.

Specials and Special Rates: Are there any rules that may apply to certain Specials?

lease keep in mind that many Specials have certain periods also known as Blackout Dates in which the Special rate(s) may not apply. Other terms and conditions may also apply to Specials. Life & Style and/or the property owner has/have the right to refuse Special rate for any reason.

Taxes, Damage/Security Deposits, & Other Miscellaneous Fees: Are all taxes and fees included?

Nearly all of our rates have all taxes and/or fees included unless otherwise stated. We feel that by adding in the taxes and/or fees, the client is able to immediately view the costs of the property instead of waiting to view all costs at check-out. Certain properties however may require that clients pay taxes, fees, cleaning fee separately and/or at arrival. In the case where a booked destination increased government taxes, etc, the client may be required to pay the increase prior or on arrival. Damage/Security deposits are usually paid separately on the day of arrival. In most cases, an hold authorization of the Damage/Security deposit fee will be taken from the credit card you authorized us to charge at the time your reservation was confirmed.

Currency Conversion/Exchange Rates: Why are the rates different today than yesterday?

Every property has its default rate (the rate that the owner has set for that property to be based on). The default rate will always be shown when you first access the property’s details page. When you use the currency conversion drop down list to view the rates in your own local currency, the exchange rate may be different from hour-to-hour or day-to-day.

I notice the Square Feet/Square Meters for certain properties are not given. Why is that?

We are constantly working hard to provide you with as much information about the properties we offer as we possibly can. Certain information such as the Square Feet/Square Meters may not yet be listed due to several factors, i.e.: certain islands/countries do not consider terraces/open area spaces when determining the property size.

Do I need any vaccinations for the destination I am traveling to?

You should always consult your doctor before traveling to any destination. You can also view a list of countries and the vaccinations that are suggested to for that particular region by visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention here: http://wwwnc.cdc.gov/travel/destinations/list.htm

What happens if we do not check-out at the time we are informed to?

This will depend on the policies of that property, however some properties have penalties that may apply up to but not limited to USD 50 – USD 1,000 depending on the destination and/or property.

Are all the outside photos on the details page are that of the property and grounds?

Some photos may be of the area, local life, tours included and/or available, and/or other activities that may be available for booking, etc.

How are the rates of Apartment, Villas, and other “ON LAND” properties determined?

A large percentage of our ON LAND properties are privately owned. Property rates will vary from one property to the next based on the property owner's decision.n n Life & Style may assist in determining the rates and make recommendations to the owner based on several factors along with existing market conditions. Some of these factors include, but not limited to:n n - Qualityn - Size (internal and external)n - Number of Bedroomsn - Location/Destinationn - Amenitiesn - Included Servicesn - Popularityn - Availability

How do I use your search system to find a property?

There are a few ways to search for your perfect destination. nn- Detailed Search: If you are searching for Apartments, Villas, Hotels, Resorts, Private Island, etc: Click “ON LAND” at the top of the webpage. You will see the Search On Land area slide down from top black navigation bar. From here, you are free to select the Country, then City, etc. By leaving all the fields blank and just pressing “SEARCH”, the listings page will display all properties for all destinations. You are also able to narrow down you search results by selecting certain Amenities, Property Type, Price Rage, Number of Bedrooms, etc. You are able to search for “AT SEA” and “IN AIR” items by the same method. nn- L&S Compass: By using the L&S Compass, you are able to search in the same way as the original search method. The only difference is that the Compass will display search results for all Property Types, Amenities, Price Ranges, etc of the selected categories, “Land”, “Sea”, and/or “Air”.

What happens if I accidentally damage something on the property during my stay?

We advise you to inform us immediately in the event any damage occurs by you or someone in your party during your stay so that an accurate assessment of any damage(s) can be made while you are present. You are responsible for any damage(s) that occur and may be required to pay for such damage(s) via credit card, cash damage/security deposit, etc.

Are pets allowed on the property?

Unless otherwise stated, most of the properties do not allow pets due to allergies, etc, however if you are interested in taking along your little loved one, inquire with your sales concierge to see if the owner will make an exception.

Do you offer other services such as Airport Transportation, Tours, Tickets, etc.?

Life & Style has a full service Concierge Department offering clients a full range of services such as: nn- Transportation (Airport Transfers, Private Transportation, One-ways, Day Trips, etc.)n- Restaurant Reservationsn- Passports & Entry Visasn- Luggage Forwardingn- Tickets, Tours, & Excursionsn- Domestic Staff (Maids, Butlers, Nannies, Body Guards, Chauffeurs & Personal Assistants)n- Cultural Experiences (Language Classes, Cooking Classes, & Wine Tasting)n- Special Occasions (Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, & more)n- Relocation Servicesn- Travel Agency Servicesn- Travel Insurance nnPlease do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any of the above Concierge services or any other services you do not see listed.

How often are the properties cleaned?

All properties are cleaned once prior to guests' arrival. Many of our Villa properties offer full-time and/or part-time maid services offering daily cleaning, which is included in the published rates, where others may offer full-time and/or part-time maid services as an add-on service. Please let our Concierge’s Department know if you would like to add-on additional cleanings of your rented property at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival.

Do I get a discounted rate for longer stays?

Many properties offer discounted rate for reservations more than 8 nights. If you wish to reserve a property for more than 8 nights, our Sales professionals will be happy to negotiate the rate on your behalf with the property owner.

Is smoking permitted inside the property?

Nearly all of our properties have a strict no-smoking policy. Smoking may only be allowed outdoors. If your rented property has a terrace/balcony, please consult your check-in agent or caretaker if smoking is permitted allowed on the terrace/balcony. Please be advised, that if you dispose the remainder of a smoked cigarette on the property grounds, you may incur penalties for which may be taken from your damage/security deposit.

What kitchen equipment should I expect to find at the property?

You will find a list of kitchen equipment in the Amenities area of the property. Please do not expect typical “American” style appliances at a property as this may not be found at your destination.

Does my rented property offer laundry facilities such as washing machine and/or clothes dryer?

If a property offers its guests laundry facilities, you will find out by viewing the Amenities list of that property. Please note that clothes dryers are not standard items at many properties.

Does your staff speak English?

Our professional sales and concierge are fluent in English and many are also fluent in other languages or at least a basic knowledge. We will assist you during the check-in and check-out process and will also offer assistance for any necessities or emergencies throughout your stay.

Can I arrive outside the stated check-in times?

Access to the property may only be accessible at the stated times. If you are not able to arrive within the times states please let us know before confirming your reservation; where possible we will make the necessary arrangements and may incur extra costs such as late check-in fees. To help prevent any delays to access your property, it is your responsibility to notify us of your arrival information. On your arrival date, it is also your responsibility to notify Life & Style and/or your check-in agent/caretaker of any changes to your arrival times. All contact information of your reserved property will be provided to you upon final payment or thereafter.

How can I write a Review about the property I just stayed in?

Shortly after your stay, you’ll receive an email from Life & Style asking you about your stay, and may provide you with a link where you can write a review about you trip. Alternatively, you may send us your review by emailing us at clientreviews@lifeandstyle.com.

How long does it usually take to receive a response to my inquiry?

Our experienced sales professionals are here to help you each day. Depending on the complexity of your inquiry and the time of day and/or day of the week, you should expect a speedy response to your inquiry within 24 hours, however certain inquiries may take up to 72 hours.

What does Life & Style offer?

Life & Style offers the following:

- Apartment & Villa Rentals
- Hotels, All-Inclusive Resorts, & B&Bs
- Private Island Rentals

- Motor & Sail Yacht Charters
- Cruises (All Cruise Lines)
- Boat, Catamaran, & Trimaran Charters

- Private Jet Charters (Light to Large Cabin Jets)
- Commercial Flights (All Airlines)
- Helicopter Charters

- Sub-Orbital Space Experience

- Transportation (Airport Transfers, Private Transportation, One-ways, Day Trips, etc.)
- Restaurant Reservations
- Passports & Entry Visas
- Luggage Forwarding
- Tickets, Tours, & Excursions
- Domestic Staff (Maids, Butlers, Nannies, Body Guards, Chauffeurs & Personal Assistants)
- Cultural Experiences (Language Classes, Cooking Classes, & Wine Tasting)
- Special Occasions (Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries & More)
- Relocation Services
- Travel Agency Services
- Travel Insurance

- Women , Men, & Children Apparel
- Travel Accessories & Other World Products
- World Music

- Various specials from any of the above.

- Combined packaged deals from any of the above.


Are the rates on your site per person or for the entire property?

Some of our properties offer rates for the entire property, while others may be based on the number of guests in your party. This will be indicated on the property's details page of the site. Also, parties, weddings, or large gatherings require prior written permission. Some larger properties may offer lower rates for use of fewer bedrooms within the property. Properties may not be occupied by more guests than specified in the rental agreement.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation provisions may differ depending on the destination. L&S's minimum penalties are as follows: (i) all cancellations outside ninety (90) days prior to your arrival date, a twenty percent (20%) penalty of the total cost of reservation applies once L&S receives communication in writing of the cancellation, (ii) cancellations sixty (60) – ninety (90) days prior to your arrival date, a fifty percent (50%) penalty of the total cost of reservation applies once L&S receives communication in writing of the cancellation, (iii) less than sixty (60) days prior to your arrival date, one-hundred (100%) penalty of the total cost of reservation applies once L&S receives communication in writing of the cancellation, (iv) cancellations of holiday and special event periods, one-hundred (100%) penalty of the total cost of reservation applies once L&S receives communication in writing of the cancellation, (v) cancellations of certain destinations hold a one-hundred (100%) penalty at all times (please see the property policies for the property in question). It is your responsibility to inform yourself prior to confirming your reservation of what cancellation penalties apply for your reservation. Cancellation/Interruption Insurance is strongly encouraged so we ask that you reconsider before opting out.

What is your no-show policy?

In case of no-show, the full stay will be charged. In case of no-show, the party authorizes Life & Style to charge the credit card for the possible penalties owed.

Do you recommend travel insurance?

Life & Style highly recommends travel insurance for you and your family as many of the costs involved in travel may not be recoverable once deposited or paid for. By default, cancellation/interruption insurance is checked. If you would like to decline insurance, it's as easy as un-checking the checked box.


What credit cards do you accept?

Life & Style accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

What other forms of payment do you accept besides credit cards?

If you do not have a credit card on hand or are having issues with our secure payment system, we will accept PayPal, bank transfers, or certified checks. Please contact Life & Style's Administration Department for details.

How can I pay my balance due?

You may pay your balance via credit card, PayPal, bank transfer, or a certified check.

Property Owners, Service & Product Vendors

I own a property. How can I list it with Life & Style?

Every property listing needs a special type of attention, not to mention a specific marketing strategy. Contact our Business Development Department at businessdev@lifeandstyle.com. We will be more than happy to discuss with you why partnering with Life & Style is the right choice for you!

I provide a service that would be a great addition to your Concierge listings. How can I list it with Life & Style?

Every service listing from our Concierge Department needs a special type of attention, not to mention a specific marketing strategy just the same as our property listings do. Contact our Business Development Department at businessdev@lifeandstyle.com. We will be more than happy to discuss with you why partnering with Life & Style is the right choice for you!

I offer a product that I would like to list on the L&S Store. How can I do this?

Products from the L&S Store just as our property and service listings need special attention, not to mention a specific marketing strategy. Contact our Business Development Department at businessdev@lifeandstyle.com. We will be more than happy to discuss with you why partnering with Life & Style is the right choice for you!

Travel Agents

Do you offer a travel agent discount?

Yes, we do offer discounts for accredited travel agents based on availability. Please call +1 (518) 507 5433 for further details.

What sales tools do you offer agents to sell your product?

Life & Style offers educational tours to travel agents to assist them to better offer our properties, products, and services to their clients.

Do you offer a travel agent login to view our reservations we book through Life & Style?

Life & Style's Travel Agent Portal is in Beta testing and will be made public in the near future. In the meantime, you may contact us for a detailed report of your agency's bookings.

Real Estate Agents

How can I list an apartment or villa for sale?

At the moment our Sales area is in the final stages of development however, can you still contact us if you are interested in listing your property for sale by emailing us at sales@lifeandstyle.com.