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Jet Charters

Looking for a Private Jet or Helicopter for a weekend in the islands or for a business trip?  Life & Style is here to offer you an unparalleled experience.  Why charter a Private Jet or Helicopter, you ask?  Simply put, in most cases it’s cost-effective.  Your own air charter is at your discretion, not to mention under your complete control, eliminating the airport check-in process.  We invite you to go wherever, whenever you want.

Many who care about productivity are using private jet charter services to save time and be to be more efficient. They realize that chartering a private aircraft makes great sense.  Literally.

Time is Money
Jet charter passengers travel exactly where they want, when they want to.  Gone are the long check in lines, security checks, and traffic getting to and from the airport.  Aircraft is ready and waiting where and when you want it so your timetable is adhered to.  For those traveling on business, overnight accommodations are not necessary in many cases as meetings can be finished and you can be home the same day.

Jet Charter is Private and Secure
Privacy and focus are of utmost importance. With a private jet charter the level of security is exactly where you want it to be.  Extra security teams can also be added when warranted.  You aren't just buying a seat on a large commercial jet; your charter includes the entire aircraft.

Private Jets as a Status Symbol

A private jet is a wonderful perk for those trying to make a statement. Private jet charter is a growing trend for those who are not able to purchase an aircraft.  Chartering private aircraft has proven to be a very effective tool that can lower costs and bring outstanding security.

Spectacular Private Jet Service
You can expect excellent service when using private jet charter. We offer outstanding concierge services offering the best food prepared to the passenger's specifications. Beverage choices are fully stocked on all private aircraft and the aircraft crew is impeccably trained to offer first class service throughout your flight.

An aircraft charter can be arranged on the spur of the moment. In our global economy private aircraft can get you around the world with remarkable speed. Gone are the long airport lines, delayed flights and frustrating traffic to and from the airport. (Articlesbase)