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Rental Properties vs Hotels

We could go on for hours pointing out the pros and cons of staying in Rental Properties such as Luxury Apartments or Villas and Luxury Hotels and find out which is right for your vacation or business trip. We'll just give you a few to help you out.

Usually when you plan for a vacation, you may think of checking into a luxury hotel with the family out past experience, a favorite hotel, or just out of habit, and at times in the long run, you may get the best vacation deal by taking that route. Still, there are so many other accommodation options you might wish to explore.

Apartments and Villas, for example, can offer many modern amenities and features that most Luxury Hotels do not. Rental Apartments and Villas are self-catering, providing you with fully equipped kitchens, private bedrooms, a large living room, many with sleeper-sofas, and en-suite bathrooms.

Self-Catering Apartments and Villas can be found in nearly every corner of the world and will give you the ultimate in privacy for your vacation.

If you enjoy the busy nightlife, shopping areas, museums, clubs, theaters, restaurants, you can find the perfect Self-Catered Property or Luxury Hotel of your choice near it all.

What about large groups, families, special event such as weddings, or those who enjoy traveling with their pets? With a Hotel, you usually need to book many rooms or separate Hotels altogether. Also, a Luxury Hotel usually will not allow you to check-in with a pet no matter how behaved or clean they may be. Now, an Apartment or Villa is usually the better option here however, they may require an additional security/damage deposit.

One thing that must be looked at when deciding between an Apartment or Villa vs a Luxury Hotel is the overall ambiance. Luxury Hotels are pretty much the same from Hotel to Hotel and from destination to destination in regards to what they offer however, an Apartment or Villa is usually one of a kind not to mention a unique experience as you are somewhat able to take in the culture of that area. They also give you that home away from home feeling than a Hotel room would.

Now, while booking a Hotel is usually a quick process seeing all the packaged deals out there while finding an Apartment or Villa that is right for your particular needs can involve a bit more research when comparing Apartment to Apartment or Villa to Villa. But hey, even that can be a lot of fun! Also, most Apartment rentals do not come fully staffed (even though you can usually hire the type of staff you desire).

So, there you have it, Rental Properties offers the home away from home feel, best value for families or groups, and privacy which has it's advantages over Luxury Hotels. Just compare the two when planning your next vacation and see how Life & Style can help you choose which type of property is right for you. After all, it's your lifestyle.