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Yachts vs. Cruises

Ever considered Chartering a Private Yacht or taking a Cruise vacation but you aren’t sure which is right for you?  With all the Yachts and Cruise Lines available, all the destinations, price range, and sizes, there is one for just about everyone.  Looking for romance?  You could Charter a Private Yacht for the ultimate in privacy to perhaps “pop that important question”.  With a Cruise vacation, you can choose to have en-suite dining on your private balcony overlooking the sea and so much more. Well how about a Yacht Charter?  With a Yacht Charter, it’s the itinerary is customizable meaning, you not only could dine under the stars on your Yacht, but you would choose to dine on a secluded beach if you desire.  What about cuisine? Both options can tantalize your taste buds with a gourmet experience full of exotic ingredients or perhaps a traditional pizza followed by ice cream.  On a Cruise vacation and depending on your mood, you have many options to also dine in an elegant ballroom setting, a small bistro, or a casual eatery.  In short, Cruise vacations can give you variety and simplicity, whereas a Yacht Charter can take you places that no Cruise Ship could ever go, not to mention, more privacy.  Either way, Life & Style will show you new horizons as you wake to new destinations each day.  The best part of it all, you only have to pack and unpack once!